My Mission

Connecting people across industries and professions to share, learn and experiment together.

I belive in an ME and a US.  I believe that every single one of us has their super power. I aim to connect us, our super powers.

Trainings & Consulting

Learn, experience and Do.
Design Thinking Design Thinking

What is the problem (desire, need, opportunity) you are trying to solve and/or meet? Design Thinking is a methodology and mindset that leads to alignment, collaboration and co-creation. 

Visual Facilitation & Sketchnoting Visual Facilitation & Sketchnoting

This is not Art. Its a way of expressing thoughts and ideas, a way of listening and learning.  

Innovation Hackathons Innovation Hackathons

How to design a Hackathon that generates valueable innovations AND motivates people? 

Innovation Lab Innovation Lab

Create an environment inside or outside the organization that brings Game Changing Innovations (or a structure that simply enables a fast test&learn iteration). 

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