Visual Thinking Training

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Visual Facilitation Training

  • Format: Interactive Training
  • For companies, teams, groups and individuals
  • Duration: 6h

Context for this training

Have you ever found yourself dozing away during a meeting or training looking at powerpoint slides? Have you ever had problems encrypting someone’s handwriting? Or you yourself have a bad handwriting people usually cannot make sense of?

Have you ever lost a group’s attention during an important and complex discussion?

Or have you faced difficulties engaging individuals and teams making them actually share what’s important to them? Have you ever left a meeting and found that everyone has their own interpretation of what was said and „aligned“?

Have you been nodding whilst reading? If so, this is the right training for you.

Visual Language is a mindset and a method that allows facilitating dialog and thinking processes for groups and individuals in a very natural, subtle way and it happens to be a lot of fun.

Why visual language?

Its scientifically proven that through capturing thoughts visually as they arise, we rise our and attendees attention span. We increase our memory by 20%. People are more engaged so that creative solutions, innovations can arise.

This is not Art. It’s a skill. This is like picking up a new sport or learning a new language (the difference is, you will be able to use it right away and don’t need much practice).

Training content

  • Theoretical introduction (or let’s call it BizScience)
  • Visual Basics, Objects and Forms
  • Extended facilitation Vocabulary
  • Stickman/ Figures and emotions
  • How to…Structuring content, dialog and thoughts

By the end of the training you will be able to

  • Use visual vocabulary in any given circumstances (not just work)
  • Use clear lettering on flipchart and smaller formats
  • Structure content and thoughts simple and easy to understand
  • engage individuals and teams
  • transfer the new acquired knowledge into your reality
  • Share your ideas in a fast and easy to understand way

This training is designed as a hands-on experience.

We kick off the day with a brief theoretical introduction. As we dive into the sections, Participants will simultaneously visualize as we go.

All materials will be provided.